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This is a fan site, and a temporary one at that.   The purpose is to make sharing the daily recordings with fans easier until CityPages gets their podcasts running.

All credit goes to TD Mischke for making shows that make us smile, and to CityPages for getting those shows on the internet so we can hear them.

This page is inspired by, but not linked with, the Mischke Podcast.  The folks running that site have put in much time and effort over the years.  I thank them for letting me hear shows I’d missed and for letting me borrow from their idea.  Drop by there  for literally YEARS of shows and the KSTP side of TD’s call to Garage Logic during the first “In The Stream” 

I’d be remiss if I didn’t also  mention the Yahoo group “TheMischkeBroadcast” for their efforts in keeping us informed of what’s going on.

And the grand daddy of all Mischke sites on the net?  Why, that’s Derek Larson’s Mischke Madness of course.

If you haven’t visited them before, go forth and bookmark now campers.  And if you have a Mischke related site of your own, let us know about it!

 We’re all friends helping friends.

If something quits working here please do  leave a comment.  Share your comments for the episodes over at City Pages.  



9 Responses to “About / Comments / Promote”

  1. You’re my hero! Thank you thank you!!

    • Carrie, your enthusiasm makes me smile. Glad to help you hear the show; call in, I’m sure Tommy would love to hear from you!

  2. Thanks for putting up this site!!! I’ve gotta work durting the day and cannot always be in the stream. I do however make sure I at least log on so CP at least knows I’m there!!! That was great advice you gave in that regard. I’m excited for City Pages to get up the podcast. Thanks to all the others that have archived Mischke’s great catalog of art!!!!


    • Dave, that’s all this site is here for, to help people like you and myself (yes, I have a very selfish interest) hear the show when we’re at work. I hope you’ll forgive me when I’m home late for lunch and miss some minutes too!

      I especially like that you’re commenting at CityPages. They need to know we’re listening and visiting their site.

  3. Thanks a million! City Pages doesn’t seem to want to let us actually download the mp3s, which is a must because I sometimes just need to catch the second half or something. If they don’t implement that then I hope you keep this blog up so I can get them.


    • Thanks John. I’ll keep this blog up as long as it is useful – not sure how long that will be. I’ll be glad to give way to the archivists who have served the Mischke fans for years.

  4. Damon, believe it or not, I would have been down and out without your help!! A million thanks for your work on here — the site looks INCREDIBLE!!! The live stream is blocked at my work and with City Pages sporadic updates, I wouldn’t have had much to listen to. I’m sure they’ll get their act together soon, but this is a VERY valuable resource in the meantime!

    Anyway, thanks again and I think I speak for MANY when we say we appreciate your efforts!

    • Derek, I am truly humbled to hear I’ve been of service to you. You have given us all so much for years. I’m more than glad to be able to repay a small part of that debt in kind.

      Thank you
      — Damon

  5. Does anyone know if there is an mp3 link to the stream instead of that silly flash player? I want to make a Mischke By Phone system where people can call a phone number and listen that way if they don’t have a computer but I can only do it if there’s an mp3 stream. Someone please let me know by shooting an e-mail my way to byron at byronlee dot com.

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